Learning Designs Challenge – 4th Day

Yesterday, I had almost finished a review of a design when a colleague came in. When I was ready to continue with the review, I had been logged-off automatically. Unfortunately, the auto-save function had not saved my work. So here I am, another task delayed by a day…

So far, the design I was reviewing, when this accident happened, seems not to have been reviewed. But the software does not allow to figure out whether a review is in process or not – or I just cannot see how this is shown.

But anyway, the idea of the whole challenge is great and I very much appreciate the work of the team who are facilitating the event. It is giving us, the participants, the opportunity to look into the work of others and to get the views of others on our work. Thanks!

2 Antworten auf „Learning Designs Challenge – 4th Day“

  1. I’ve been noticing that problem too Arne – that I can’t be sure if someone else is also reviewing. But as it’s good to have more than one, I’m not worrying too much, just noting it as something to be done.
    It’s very annoyiing to lose work, though – are you really sure it’s not at the bottom of your My Designs page? And when you go to the Designer again it doesn’t ask if you want to load the saveed design? That usually seems to work for me.
    One problem has been that people put a hyperlink to a url into the text of a design – if you click the + icon on an activity you can paste the url there. That ensures that designs behave properly when saved.

    Very good to hear you are getting something out of this – and thank you for thelink to your blog.

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