Digital Devide: Universitäten in den USA nutzen E-Learning – oder nicht

Die Neuauflage des Sloan Reports zu E-Learning an Hochschulen in den USA – jetzt herausgegeben von der Babson Survey Research Group – zeigt eine interessante Entwicklung. Universitäten haben Online-Lehre und sind überzeugt davon oder sie haben keine und wollen sie auch nicht.

Entscheidend dafür könnte die Bewertung der Qualität der Lernergebnisse von Online-Lehre sein:

„However, it is important to note that onequarter of chief academic officers still consider the learning outcomes for online education to be inferior to those for face-to-face instruction.

Comparing the responses from institutions that have some form of online
offerings for 2012 and 2013 shows no changes — the results for this year mirror
those observed in 2012. Nearly one-quarter believe online outcomes to be
superior, slightly under 20 percent think them inferior, with the remainder
reporting that the learning outcomes are the same for the two delivery methods.
All of the change between 2012 and 2013 in the evaluation of the relative quality
of online courses compared to face-to-face instruction comes from academic
leaders at schools that do not have any online offerings. The result here is
identical to that observed for the strategic importance of online education:
schools with online offers have not changed their views at all, while those with
no online courses or programs are now more critical of online education than
they were previously.“